JRNY CLUB is a membership NFT that grants you early access to future JRNY NFT sets, private community chat and announcements, exclusive NFT videos, early access to partner NFT projects and more.

To become a member, buy a JRNY NFT on OpenSea

Free mint for next 2

We currently have 2 additional NFT sets in the works that JRNY NFT CLUB holders will get 1 FREE mint for each NFT they hold. The first set to come will have amazing art, be part of an epic story line and have its own utility.


The JRNY NFT CLUB is a full time project for us and we already have years of utility planned to continuously deliver more value to JRNY NFT holders. Every quarter we will be launching new short-term roadmaps. While we have a lot planned on our roadmap, we also plan to drop bonus announcements randomly to deliver more value to our long-term holders.

Private community chat and NFT Videos
As soon as the NFT mint is over, JRNY NFT CLUB holders will be granted access to community chat and private NFT update videos going over new high potential NFT sets, what we’re buying and selling and upcoming events. We are constantly adding new members to the team and community that are knowledgeable and experienced with NFTs.
FREE Mint to future JRNY NFT sets
JRNY CLUB holders will get 1 free mint on 2 future sets that are in the works. Our first upcoming set can be found at PlanetXOLO.com
NFT Giveaways and Contests
We will set up a community NFT wallet in which we do regular contests from for members. We will acquire more NFTs for contests through partnerships and OpenSea commissions.
Community Grant Fund
We will launch a community grant fund starting with $100,000 for the first year of development for those that want to contribute value to the JRNY NFT CLUB and receive funding from the JRNY Team. We will add more funding to the community grant as the project grows.
JRNY CLUB in the Metaverse
A big goal of ours is to develop one of the best NFT Clubs in the metaverse. We will also develop 3D models of our future NFT sets.
Establish Quality Partnerships
We currently have many partnerships in the works that will benefit JRNY NFT holders and drive more awareness and demand to JRNY NFT sets.
JRNY NFT Launchpad
To bring even more value to our NFT holders, we are helping other projects develop and launch their NFT sets. Members will get various benefits from this like early whitelist access, giveaways, cheaper mint cost and more.
We love to build! Every quarter in 2022 we will publish a roadmap highlighting our goals for that quarter. You can find these roadmaps and other regular updates on the JRNY Club Twitter.


Once you have a JRNY NFT, you will be able to join our private community chat groups and announcement channels. To do this you just need to verify ownership using Collab Land in Discord. More details will be posted in Discord info channels.

Yes, you will be able to mint 1 NFT each from our future NFT sets for each JRNY NFT that you hold. So if you have 3, then you will get 3 each from the next 2 NFT sets we launch. This will also increase your odds of getting whitelist spots in future launchpad projects and other benefits to come.

We currently have 2 other NFT sets in the works that will be randomized art. We have partnered with some big names in the industry to develop these NFT sets and are working to get them launched as soon as possible. 

JRNY NFTs will be available to mint at some point in the next week. We will post details ahead of time on our Discord and Twitter. After the mint is over, you will be able to trade JRNY NFTs on OpenSea.

We will post forms and more information on how to apply for a community grant in the near future. We have some big announcements coming in the following few weeks after we launch.

Once you have a JRNY NFT, you can access our private Club House channels in Discord where you will find a video channel. Tony from JRNY Crypto will be doing exclusive NFT videos that will be posted here.


JRNY NFT CLUB was formed by Tony Spark of JRNY Crypto with the goal to create a NFT set that will continuously deliver value to holders. New team members are being added regularly to continue the growth and utility of the project. We just acquired a large office and are working on hiring a large local and remote team.

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